Dalton and Sophie's Mommy

Friday, October 9, 2009

When I Said I do...

It was 5 years ago today that I said I do...if front of all of our family and friends and God. And I still most definitely do!!! I love this man more than words can even express. He has shown me a life I never knew existed a love I didn't know I had in me. He's stubborn and most of the time right but those are qualities that I find insanely sexy!!! He gave me the best gift ever with our lil man Dalton. Rocky you are the most amazing husband and an even more amazing father...I fall in love with you more and more each day!!! Here's to forever and ever! I can't wait for our romantic weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's what I call service!!!

So if there are any gentlemen reading this please stop now...

...are they gone? Whew!!!! Today we're talking bra's...more importantly my love for Victoria's Secret and the apology I have for them for waiting for...almost 2 years to buy new bra's. Ugh I know!!! Mine poor girls have been hanging for awhile! So last Saturday a friend and I went to the mall and the only stop on our list was VS. Again it's been awhile so I was surprised when I asked one of the ladies to just simply measure me so that I could find out what size I am these days...the royal treatment I got!!! She pulls out this cute little cards measures me and writes down my size and asks me what type of bra's I generally buy there writes that down too....I'm assuming just so I know where to look but low and behold she takes me directly to a fitting room where a new lady takes my card and tells me to step in the room and she'll be back. So I stand there just waiting when she knocks on my door and hands me a box FULL of different bra's to try on. How AWESOME I think to myself. I did find two perfect styles for me!!! Yay!!!

However a few suggestions Victoria's Secret. Next time can you measure me in the room? It would be a little more convenient than on the store floor and also I wouldn't mind a nice glass of champagne in the nice comfortable dressing room...oh yeah a few chocolate covered strawberries might be nice too!

xoxo Tiff