Dalton and Sophie's Mommy

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good thing Santa's bringing Dalton a Sled for Christmas...







Don't you just LOVE this line??


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dalton's KOFO Christmas Greeting

This is playing about 4 times a day at the station and it melts my heart every time I hear it. He did this last week when he came to work with me. He had a cold at the time...but it still sounds pretty much like him! Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Even Jacob is Team Edward

I didn't get to watch this Saturday night but found this clip earlier today.

Hope ya'll are ready for Christmas. I will finish shopping Saturday!!! Yes nothing like the last minute!

Monday, December 7, 2009

If you haven't seen this

You really really should!!!! I almost cried many many times during this movie. It's based on a true story and makes my heart swell knowing that people out there still have this much compassion for others. I don't want to tell you too much but you really should watch this movie!!! This is what Rocky and I did yesterday for his birthday date. The last time we went to see a movie together was just about 3 years ago on Dalton's 1st birthday. It was nice to cuddle in the theater with my sweets :) We also were able to get almost all of Dalton's Christmas presents yesterday. All we have left are a new pair of cowboy boots (it's a tradition he gets new boots for christmas) some coveralls and a sled. We may hold the coveralls and sled for his birthday...which by the way is 10 days after Christmas!!! Poor kid has to wait all year long to get presents and then gets them in a span of about 20 days. Oh well that means he gets them good and used before the next year.

This weekend I also got to feel what it was like having multiple children. I had three extra kids this weekend...and have come to believe you people out there with more than 1 child must spend almost all of your "free" time cleaning the house. OMGness I don't think I set down the whole time they were all here except for to sleep. I told Rocky lets have two more...he says one more and were done...geez he's no fun...lol.

I L.O.V.E this time of year and hope ya'll are in full holiday cheer mode!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bath & Body Works Deals

I love getting and giving stuff from Bath & Body Works for Christmas. Here's a couple of deals for you! First of all these are on sale for $4 instead of $4.50 right now. In most scents Limit 10

These are $3 instead of $4. I've only found the sale on Sweet Pea

Use Coupon Code 20PERCENT and save 20% off your entire order!!! Thanks Spend Less and Save More. PLUS don't forget to shop through Ebates and get 3% cash back. Haven't signed up for Ebates yet? Click here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Thankfull for this cute lil Indian

And my mad costume making skills! LOL!! NOT!! I so wish I wouldn't have put this off til the last minute but it turned out pretty cute I think for Dalton's Thanksgiving Feast at school!!!

I missed part of the day today so I could go take pictures...so I'd better get to work :)!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

These Two People Are Two of the loves of my life.

Right now I'm putting finishing touches on my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for this Saturday. Let me tell you folks true love doesn't get much closer than this. These two have been through so many of lifes trials and tribulations and are currently battling Grandpa's Colon Cancer...(hopefully we'll be down with Chemo real soon...it's looking real good) but their love for one another has stayed strong and proved to stand the test of time. They never gave up on each other or walked away when things got tough. They made a commitment to each other and have kept the promise. I might mention that they dated for 2 weeks before getting married ! Grandma and Grandpa I love you sooooooo much and you are the role models I look up to in every aspect of my life! Thank you for being as close to me as my parents...providers...care givers...support system...and friends!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twilight Fans Set Your DVR!!!

This Friday Stephenie Meyer will be on Oprah. She says this will be her ONLY interview about New Moon. The deadline to submit your questions has passed but lets hope that someone asks about her finishing Midnight Sun. Only a few more days left til the premier...Only I'm not going to get to see it til the 22nd! Ok...go set those DVR's!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Quick Hi!

Ok so today is Friday and I have commercials to produce for 3 High School Football games!!! Did I mention it's Friday which in my radio land means crazy a$$ day where I have to get everything done for the whole weekend and every week I tell myself I WILL starting getting all this stuff done earlier and don't. So yes It will be one crazy day...One that I would personally like to end with a giant Margarita...however that won't be happening! You see folks...ever since the miscarriage my body is and cyle are so out of whack I just don't want to take any chances that I possible could be pregnant...so no chances being taken. It's supposed to be absolutley beautiful this weekend and I'm so excited for that...I see lots of outside time in our future this weekend...and possibly a Harley ride for me and the hubs :) Ok...well it's hitting the fan at work...guess I better get busy...just wanted to say HI and have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recipe Help...

You all remember how I posted that I have a segment during my show for Tiff's Tasty Treats? Well during the month of November I'm trying to do Thanksgiving recipes from my friends. If you have something you could share I oh so greatly appreciate it. Just comment it here or email me at daltons.mommy@yahoo.com


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm still Alive...

But Barely!!! I promise to have a new post tonight...however it has just been crazy busy around here lately. Right now trying to play catch up after the whole family had H1N1 a couple of weeks ago :(

Friday, October 9, 2009

When I Said I do...

It was 5 years ago today that I said I do...if front of all of our family and friends and God. And I still most definitely do!!! I love this man more than words can even express. He has shown me a life I never knew existed a love I didn't know I had in me. He's stubborn and most of the time right but those are qualities that I find insanely sexy!!! He gave me the best gift ever with our lil man Dalton. Rocky you are the most amazing husband and an even more amazing father...I fall in love with you more and more each day!!! Here's to forever and ever! I can't wait for our romantic weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's what I call service!!!

So if there are any gentlemen reading this please stop now...

...are they gone? Whew!!!! Today we're talking bra's...more importantly my love for Victoria's Secret and the apology I have for them for waiting for...almost 2 years to buy new bra's. Ugh I know!!! Mine poor girls have been hanging for awhile! So last Saturday a friend and I went to the mall and the only stop on our list was VS. Again it's been awhile so I was surprised when I asked one of the ladies to just simply measure me so that I could find out what size I am these days...the royal treatment I got!!! She pulls out this cute little cards measures me and writes down my size and asks me what type of bra's I generally buy there writes that down too....I'm assuming just so I know where to look but low and behold she takes me directly to a fitting room where a new lady takes my card and tells me to step in the room and she'll be back. So I stand there just waiting when she knocks on my door and hands me a box FULL of different bra's to try on. How AWESOME I think to myself. I did find two perfect styles for me!!! Yay!!!

However a few suggestions Victoria's Secret. Next time can you measure me in the room? It would be a little more convenient than on the store floor and also I wouldn't mind a nice glass of champagne in the nice comfortable dressing room...oh yeah a few chocolate covered strawberries might be nice too!

xoxo Tiff

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Some Randoms

First of all thank you to all of those who commented and sent prayers and well wishes on my last post about my miscarriage. I really appreciated all of the kind words and I've been there's. Being able to type that post really did help me realize how I was feeling. So again thank you.

Now on to the Randoms

This past week Dalton's pre-school had school pictures so I was in "town" and only had a few minutes to spare and decided I just run into Kohl's and pick him up a new shirt. Easy right? Not!!! Not sure if it was because the change of the season but the ONLY 3T boys shirt they had was a graphic t-shirt with like footballs or trucks on it. Not a one nice trendy shirt for him to wear. I already get mad at clothing stores and the lack of boys clothing without spongebob or cars or dirt bikes or tractors all over them...but come on Kohl's this was very disappointing!!!

I am getting remotivated to teach aerobics again. I've been in kind of a level playing field for a few months...but tonight thanks to my friend Jenny I've remembered the fun of coming up with new stuff in my living room with no one else around just me and my equipment. I've also realized how much I really miss working out 5 days a week. I haven't done that since Dalton was first born..I need to find the time to do that again.

I really need to teach my son how to blow his nose. I'm just not having any luck and the poor kid has his mom's fall allergy problems and has been a sneezing sniffling mess this week.

Next week is Rocky and I's 5th wedding anniversary any ideas on what I should get him. I'm at a loss. We were supposed to be going to see AC/DC the night before but the concert has been postponed :( It's only our second time seeing them this year.

Well that's all folks...I have a hot bath calling my name.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not the post I wanted to write...

The post I wanted to write today said "Guess what I'm Pregnant and I heard my baby's heartbeat today"!!! But instead the post I'm writing today is...I was pregnant and today was the day I SHOULD have heard my baby's heartbeat. Three weeks ago I lost the second baby I've been desperately waiting to have. The baby I had already told ALL of my family and most of my closest friends about because I'd already had one healthy pregnancy with zero problems...so this one would be just like it. The baby that I had already told my 3 1/2 year old son and that he'd asked me everyday since I told him when I was going to get that baby out of my belly.

I know this is a pretty private topic and maybe I shouldn't be writing about it But I am. Why? Because I didn't realize before I had my miscarriage that sooooooooo many women like 1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage. It wasn't until we went through this did I know that so many of my friends and acquaintances had had a miscarriage or two or three or seven of their own. Now just because is so common doesn't make it easier to deal with...it just lets you know you're not alone...and it IS nice having people around you who understand what you're dealing with. This is just to say...yes I've been there and I get it!!

I'm healing physically and emotionally. Rocky has been an awesome support system and at times I caught myself forgetting that he was going through the same thing as me just not physically. He is very aprehensive about trying to get pregnant again. But I know God has a plan for our family and if it's meant to be it WILL happen again.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey what's for dinner?

I have been holding back from you guys. Last night it donned on me why haven't I blogged about this. Duh! Sometimes it takes me a minute. Ya'll know that I work at a radio station. About um 5 weeks ago I started this segment on my show "Out to lunch with Tiffany" called "Tiff's Tasty Treats". I've been posting different recipes Monday through Thursday on our website for people to be able to check out and print off. So if you're looking for something new for dinner check it out!!! Tiff's Tasty Treats

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On my way to 100

I am really trying to get to 100 posts on this here blog before the end of 2009. Should be easy right? Not at the speed I've been posting lately...this here post is #82 so we'll see how this goes!!!

Vacation Update...we had a fabulous time! It was better than I could have asked for. We completly wore out Dalton.

In Marvel Cave...Dalton describes as "soooo scary"

Hope you all had a great weekend! This weekend will be filled with our towns huge car show. It's huge for us anyway. We're expecting about 2000 1972 and older vehicles. We'll take our '75 Road Runner to Friday nights open cruise night.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Reservation confirmation...

Ok so here's the deal next Friday we're taking our family vacation...Dalton's first vacation to Branson. We did the whole priceline.com experience and bid on and 3 1/2 star hotel for just 49 dollars a night. Today I got the itch to just look at the hotel again...you know getting excited about being out of town for a whole weekend with just the boys and me...(get back on track Tiff) when I started reading the comments people had left. I'm seriously questioning what I've done. There are more negative comments about dirty facilities than there is about a great family atmosphere :( So I'm begging has anyone stayed at the Radission in Branson? Is it nice? Is it really worthy of the 3 1/2 stars? Should I start scrambling to get out of the reservation?

While we're there we're hitting Silver Dollar City. I'm excited I haven't been there since I was a wittle wittle gurl :) Rocky's been there more recently than me. I really desperatley want to take Dalton to Dixie Stampede too but I still have to talk Daddy into that!!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm done...

...talking about Twilight until New Moon comes out in November! I'm thinking of putting a countdown ticker on my top bar or something :) Loved every book! Loved the ending! But honestly Stephanie Meyer I can really see more to the story so please please don't hold back. I have talked one of my bestest friends into reading she is starting this week. I hope it's as addicting as for her as it was for me. Like honestly I'm having withdrawls. I bought the soundtrack and i can't stop playing it over and over. I Especially love the Robert Pattinson song...Never Think

Isn't his voice sexy? Ah :) Ok must get back to work...but again I do promise to blog about something other than Twilight soon. I have been lost in it for over two weeks now and this week we had something extremely hard to go through as a family. I'm considering blogging about it...but then again I don't know...it could be too personal but it is MY blog I guess and it might help the healing so we shall see. Have a great weekend...I get 3.5 days with my wonderful boys and I'm totally excited about that!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes Twilight again....

I made it through New Moon and I have 200 pages of Eclipse left. I just bought the special edition of Breaking Dawn today and was pleased to see that it is over 700 pages! I'm so hooked on this series! Ok beyond hooked!!!! Like some people think I have sickness...and I just might. However I just wanted to note that I did not like New Moon as much as Twilight because I LOVE Edward and feel bad for Jacob because he is a great guy he just needs to find a new girl! But I am getting excited to watch Twilight AND New Moon. And while New Moon wasn't my favorite I'm excited to see when Bella and Edward reunite in Italy!!! I'm offically making November 20th girls night!!!! I must get back to work now so that I can fly home...clean house and spend time with Dalton and Rocky because once 8 o'clock hits I'll be reading until 11 :) at least! I'll see you all soon...but I have a lot of reading to do first...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do you think my boss will notice?

If I sat at my desk and read New Moon all day? Ok so the obsession started slowing but....I am 100% completely hooked on the Twilight series!!! I know I'm probably one of the last people on this bandwagon but I don't care! I wasn't going to read the series because it was so "popular" however I read Twilight in 2.5 days and just started New Moon last night and read about 150 pages. I've heard people say that New Moon wasn't their favortie of the series and I'm beginning to understand why. I have lots of reading time this week so we'll see how far I can get! I'm vowing not to watch the movie(s) until I have read the whole series. But honestly I have perfect visions in my head of the way it should look so I'm afraid I'll be disappointed when I do view them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We have a turtle...

So my mom and step dad brought down this little turtle this past weekend for Dalton. I am hoping to get a picture of the turtle and the boy together. But lil D stays a safe distance away from the turtle. Anyway we got on the internet the other night to see what kind and how exactly we are supposed to take care of our new little friend. He or She appears to be a Western Painted Turtle.

Apparently this turtle likes to bask or tan...so I need to go get a UV light for the top of his/her tank...then it needs heat from underneath...a swimming area...a beach area...a diet that consists of worms...crickets...veggies...fruit...and of course reptile food. We have not bought all of this stuff yet...but will be making a fast dash to the store tonight...because...last night we thought turtle was dead.

We came home from the park and it wasn't moving and was laying with all of it's limbs outside of his shell. Rocky said I banged on the side of the tank and it won't move. I think the t-u-r-t-l-e is d-e-a-d and I didn't really want to have to tell Dalton his pet had died...even though he's been through it before when our best friend Twister the dog died ( I still miss her deeply). So I whisked Dalton down stairs to do some laundry so Rocky could take care of the issue...when he starts yelling "False Alarm" whew!!! He evidently picked up the turtle and dropped it and then it started moving again and acting naturally.

So yes tot he store we go tonight to get all the supplies for this little pet! Thanks mom! Could you please have a back up turtle around just in case :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

My poor house...

...has been completely neglected this week. I have been working at 4:30 a.m. picking Dalton up at 1 bringing him home and napping until 3 when Rocky got home from work. Talk to him about stuff that I can't tell you about....yet! Then getting ready...go teach aerobics...come home and eat (because my husband has been awesome about cooking this week) give the kiddo a bath and fall into bed so that I can get up and do it all again the next day. So I'm really needing to get back into a cleaning schedule. Ok who am I kidding I've never had a real good cleaning schedule I basically do what HAS to be done and then clean like a crazy woman on the weekends. I don't want to be her anymore! Plus we're planning on finally remodeling the basement this fall/winter and make a storage room, family room and play room and that means instead of just stuffing junk downstairs I'll actually have twice the amount of space to clean.

I know this is a very interesting post about my house cleaning...but it has a point I need help on cleaning products. I need your tips for what you use to make the cleaning a little easier. #1 being a new mop...mine really just sucks...It seems like i've tried every brand out there without success...I was actually thinking of just getting rid of it and getting a shark steam cleaner for my tile floors...ew I hate grout by the way.

So have any tips send them here....life is getting ready to get crazier and I need all the advice I can get!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Time to find part of the old me...

Before babycenter, facebook, myspace, blogging and twitter, I used to love to read...you know books. As a matter of fact once I get into a book it is almost impossible for me to put it down until I'm finished. And I really like the books that leave me desperately wanting more. I'm really feeling the need to disconnect from the internet a little bit. It's become almost an obsession for me. I can't go to bed without checking facebook and I can't start my work day without reading all of ya'lls awesome blogs...but I just need to do it a little less. I already took one step I had added the internet to my phone so I could use mobile facebook and twitter, but the obsession was taking over me so I cancelled it.

Any way what I'm trying to say is that I have been talked into reading the Twilight Series. I am planning on starting it tonight. I know the addicition is probably over by now, but honestly I had said I was not going to read them. After people started offering me their books I caved. So we'll see if I can't make myself put it down!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Foto Faces Friday!!!

Hey everyone I know I have been absent for about 2 weeks. But between work, the fair, hubby's work schedule, a three year old who's been testing mommy's patience and so much more I'm just pooped. However I'm easy back into this blogging world. More Wine Please one of my favorite blogs to read is hosting Foto Faces Friday and I decided to join in this week. Here is a picture of the 3 year old mentioned above at his first field trip with his daycare at a local farm.

Happy Friday everyone! Here's to a great weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Micro-Burst

Yesterday about 2:30 a huge storm rolled into our town without any warning.at.all!!! The National Weather Service hadn't issued any warnings or watches NOTHING! Ya'll know I work at a radio station and we were all standing on the porch watching the clouds roll in, they were moving pretty darn quick the rain started and we decided the exciting sight was over and decided to head back in to get back to work. Not 2 minutes after we came inside did it start raining so hard and the wind was blowing so hard you couldn't see two inches in front of your self outside. Then the reports starting piling in about trees being toppled over...we're talking 60 year old trees here. Then a scary report over the scanner of two semi's blown over on the highway, one of them landing on a car, the driver of that car was so lucky...not one injury.
One Motel not that far from the station the roof was completley blown off and you could see directly into the rooms.

One of the hangar's at our local airport was completly demolished with 4 planes in it. One large plane at DC-3 was blown a 1/2 mile away from the airport.

I didn't get home until 7 last night...I was at the station trying to notify people of all the damage and we have hundreds probably thousands still without power...Rocky was at work trying to keep as much power on in the city as possible. We had some damage but considering we have 8 large old trees in our yard I think we were pretty lucky it wasn't any worse.

I guess the National Weather Service is in the area today surveying damage and determining if this was in fact for sure a microburst. We were very fortunate some people have lost their roofs on their homes are without power, lost million dollar airplanes and so on. Mother Nature she really knows how to put a wrench in things.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend

This past weekend was a blast! Both Rocky and I had both had Friday off so we slept in to get prepared for the crazy weekend we had. After shopping and buying fireworks we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to go watch the fireworks in their small town with them and then back to their house to do our own fireworks display.

Here's All of the great grandkids minus the two babies Aleah and Jenna
Dalton telling Great Grandpa a story
Me and my Mema...I love her sooooo much!!!!

Then Saturday morning we got up loaded up the car and headed to the lake with my cousin...his wife their 3 sons...My cousins sister in law and her husband and their 3 kids. I'm so mad at myself because I didn't hardly take any pictures but I did get this one of Dalton fishing.

He loved camping...he loved the tent he had to show everyone "his house" he even went to bed and we stayed up around the fire and didn't hear a peep out of him. He didn't have the patience for fishing too long but really enjoyed the experience as a whole. Sounds as if we're doing it again in a couple of weeks...we already have our "spot" picked out.

Hope ya'll had a good one!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm back..I hope :)

The craziness has died down..for a while anyway. This past weekend was part 2 of Old West Cowboy Days in our town and lil a doh doh head I didn't get a single picture but honestly it was because I was incredibly busy. Friday night I organized our "Western Art Show and Reception" it was fun we had of course Western Art...Beer...Wine and lots of food all of it grilled...corn on the cob...steak...shrimp..potatoes...pork...calf fries...and pinapple yummo!!! Lucky for me it was 100 degrees and I didn't feel the need to eat a lot :)

Then Saturday I took Dalton to the all horse parade with my cousins kids it was fun and one of the horses actually got away which all the kids thought was hillarious...thankfully with an all horse parade there's lots of cowboys around to catch him. After the parade we headed to the park where the other events were going on we watched some old west re-inactors...petted some animals...rode a horse and so on.

Lil man and I then headed to our auditorium for sound check for the concert that night or which I was also in charge of. After getting all the singers set up we high tailed it home for a much need nap for Dalton while I cleaned house since it was a disaster after the two weeks we'd had. Nap over go pick up food for singers and head back to the auditorium for a night of awesome Country and Western music.

Please If you like "Country" or "Western" music at all check out Rusty Rierson and RW Hampton they are both amazing and I really enjoyed them as people and as artists and think you will too.

Now on to a short work week before we hit the lake this weekend...I am trying to remind myself not to forget to take pictures.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sorry folks for those of you who actually read the blog I have been absent :( It's just lack of time I tell ya! The last week we've gone to work gone to swim lessons...taught aerobics gone to this gone to that started a new daycare...went to a Rodeo... gone here and there and everywhere. I kept my lil man out two nights in a row past 10:30 and while I hardly ever do that it did get me a morning of sleeping in until almost 10 a.m. Now that was the best sleep Saturday night we let Dalton sleep with us and for some reason it was actually pretty comfortable in the fact that there was no kicking in the face or knees in our backs and then for all of us to sleep til almost 10 a.m. it was amazing.

As of right now I am at working typing this so for grandparents I promise to have an excitable adorable post about that cute lil boy we all love so much soon....

and for those of you who read and aren't the grandparents I promois to have an excitable adorable post about my cute lil boy soon :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

At This Moment....

I really hate being in advertising sales....

I really hate money....

I really hate bills....

I hate the fact that you have to have money to pay the bills...

I hate the fact that I can't seem to save any money

I don't ever remember anyone telling me how much hard work being an adult really took

I am pouting like a big baby right now.

I think I shall go home and have some wine tonight!!!

Thank Goodness Tomorrow Is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh no! It's started already!

Over the weekend I took Dalton to the city swimming pool for the afternoon. As we're out in the playing in the water I notice him glance over the side of the pool and then start staring. So I look to see what he's staring at and it's this absolutely adorable little girl probably about his age sitting on the side of the pool putting water into a bucket. She looks up and see's him looking at her and gives this cute little wave...she puts her hand up next to her cheek and wiggles her little fingers at him. I say Dalton you need to quit staring "but I'm just watching her"!!!! OMG!!!! His dad thought he was a ladies man and now my 3 1/2 year old thinks he's one too! I think I have my work cut out for me.

Just arandom thought from the pool. I was not excited about putting on a bathing suit but considering I'm teaching a water aerobics class starting tomorrow it had to be done sometime. But I quickly found out that I guess I don't look that bad or at least I wear a suit that fits my body type, can't say that much for other people there. I guess if you're proud of it flaunt it!!!

I look forward to many more trips to the pool though this summer...lil man really did enjoy himself.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was just trying to help....when I mowed the grass.

Last Friday I had done a really bone headed thing. Forgot to pay the electric bill when my husband works at the power plant. Now he was really upset because he didn't won't everyone to see his name on the "list". But in all honesty it was really an accident. You see the bill was due the 25th Memorial Day and the week before the only thing I could think of was our bike trip so I just kept putting it off driving around our small little town with the stinkin thing in my purse. Then Sunday when we got back I decided I would drop it in the box Monday am on my way to work...well forgot to do that so by the time I got it there it was late afternoon Tuesday. Well our on top of everything town had already sent out the late notices and guess who opened the mail and saw it...yep not me...hubby. So he was a lil upset with me.

To make up for him being upset I decided that since he was working evenings and 12 hours both days of the weekend. I decided that Friday after work I would mow the grass for him. We have a pretty large yard and a push mower so I'm thinkin I'll do double duty ya know...mow the grass and get out of the dog house and get in a workout.

I let Dalton get out his battery operated Gator and start mowing get the whole back yard done which is the largest part of the whole chore. Great so we stop get a drink of water play with lil man...move Gator and lawn mower to the front yard start up mower and it dies. Out of Gas. So trek back to the back garage get the gas can bring it up front fill up the mower. Prime it and try to start...it won't start so I call Rocky he says "I've never had any problems with it not starting after filling it up" fine okay I'll let it set and cool down. Play with Dalton for 10 min go to start mower and it works mow about 4 rows when I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket I'm expecting a call so I turn off mower and answer the phone then my son proceeds to try and drive out into the street...get him back in the yard go to start the mower...it starts but the wheels are locked up and will not turn at all. So I lift up the mower fully expecting to see like a snake all strangled under neath of it but nothing. Not wanting to call Rocky and tell him I broke his mower I call my cousin who can't offer any help so I call Rocky and tell him...his response "It's never done that to me just leave it and I look at it when I get home" Well he worked until 11 and I wanted to get this job done. I just took the mower and started beating it on the ground did this a few times and felt the wheels unlock. Started it back up and finished mowing and vowed never to mow the yard again!!!!

By the way we didn't show up on the "list" and hubby was in a way better mood when he got home to a nice fresh cut yard and electricity that had been paid for. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Riding in the hills of Arkansas

We FINALLY embarked on our first Harley trip out of state this past weekend. We had a blast. We rode hard. Enjoyed great company. Rode in the Rain. We were Rocky and Tiffany this weekend and it felt great.

My Stud of a Husband

Me and Shannon

Shannon and Jason our riding buddies

And The Little Man We Missed A Lot

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My sweet babies

Well one of them is mine and the other one I pretended was mine for 24 hours :) Here are the pic's of Dalton and his cousin...my niece...Aleah Marie

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wahooo!!! TGIF!!! It's Friday

I'm so looking forward to this weekend!!! At approximately 5 p.m. today I will have the sweetest baby girl dropped off at my house. Yeppers my sister is in trusting me to keep her 3 month old over night while as a single mother she has to work all night long. Can I tell you how excited I am. This precious baby girl has just started smiling and her smile could light up any room! Did I mention that her cuz Dalton just loves her to pieces too! We may be fighting over who gets to hold her :) I drug all of the old baby stuff up from the basement...swing...bouncy chair...bath tub!!! Rocky works 12 hours tomorrow so I will be home with the kids. What a perfect opportunity to prove to him that I CAN handle an infant and a pre-schooler at the same time :) At least that's what I'm hoping for!!!

Also on tap this weekend includes finally getting the rest of the gear for our motocycle vacation next weekend. I still have to get some rain gear...and we're not leaving town without it they way it's been raining around here lately. And some riding boots of which I'll probably wear all week long next week to get broke in. I'm so excited for this trip. We even get to connect with one of my best friends from school (5th through 12th grade) and his wife and baby girl!!! I haven't seen him in 8 years! Wow! Thank you facebook and myspace for connecting me with old friends!

Here's to you and a great weekend. Look forward to some adorable pictures of me and the kiddos :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend I felt like the most important woman in the whole world. Not that I had breakfast in bed...or Rocky didn't buy me jewelry for my birthday...and I didn't go to the spa and relax. The boys just loved on me all weekend and showed me how much they really appreciate their mommy/wife.

Friday night started the circus with dinner with my dad, step mom and step sister. We headed to one of my favorite places Leroy's for ribs. OMG I love their ribs and I new everyone else would too. We had a great night just eating...relaxing and chatting for a few hours. It was a good night we don't get to see them that often and when we do its mass chaos so just getting to hang out was just what we needed.

Saturday of course was my birthday and I had to work from about 4:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. When I walked in the door after work all the lights were off in the house and standing in the kitchen were Dalton and Rocky standing with a cake and 27 candles and singing happy birthday to mommy. How priceless is that. After that Rocky cleaned up our '75 Road Runner and lil man and I took a nap. The we headed to Topeka for a car show. It was so much fun. Dalton likes to look at the engines inside of cars now. He's going to be a gear head just like his daddy and I wouldn't want him any other way. We walked around downtown for a few hours with my sister in law (Rocky's sister) and just enjoyed the beautiful evening.

Yesterday morning we got up Dalton gave me my mothers day card and then we headed for my mom and step dad's house where my sister brother and I made everyone breakfast. Plus I got to spoil my lil niece for awhile too. Then we spend the afternoon with Rocky's mom and dad and sister. It was crazy busy but most enjoyable.

Now before I close this post I must share with you the Mother's Day card that Dalton picked out all by himself and insisted on getting me.

Must give credit to Hallmark...

Mother, the older I get, the more I realize how much you've done for me all my life. I thought all Mother's loved and cared for their sons the way you always did for me, but the more I see of this word, the more I know that our relationship is exceptional. I'm so lucky to have a Mother who taught me how to Love myself, as well as others, to trust my own instincts, and to be true to myself. You've always been a special person, Mother, always caring for the people and the world around you. Thank you for raising me the way to did... I really love you.

LOL is that not too funny coming from a 3 year old :)

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Ok....so I'm not really all THAT excited. I mean I am 27 ya know. Nothing too exciting about that but since it is my birthday it is the one (or if you birthday falls the day before or on Mother's Day-two) day(s) out of the year that I can justify being high maintenance. Lucky for my husband I don't really even know what a high maintenance Tiffany is anymore :( Kids they do it to ya.

None the less I am thrilled with our Birthday plans today. And they start as soon as I get off of work this morning...yep it's 5:19 a.m. and I'm at work...Oh well though I'm a DJ on her birthday and get to play whatever songs I want for the Moldy Oldies Show.

Oh, but we were talking about birthday plans. Our plans include an afternoon outside with my beautiful boy....going to the Harley store and getting momma some fashionable Harley gear for our hog trip less than two weeks away and then cruising in our '75 Road Runner at a car show tonight. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you all of this fabulous day!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How sweet it is to be loved by you!!!

I cannot express the heart warming feeling when your 3 year old son puts his arms around your neck and tells you he loves you...just out of nowhere. Without even asking for it. It makes me feel like I'm doing a good job as a mom! I love this lil guy so much but he is growing up to quickly for his own good.

So since I haven't blogged in awhile here are a couple from the Dalton Times....

Picking him up from daycare...He's on the potty going #2

Me-Good Job Dalton I'm so proud of you!!! (because we have a problem with going #2 at school)
Dalton (Big Smiles) Do you love me?
Me-Yes sweet heart I love you!

On the phone with my sister...her 3 month old baby is in the car crying
Dalton asks...Did you spank her butt?
My sis...What
Dalton...Did you spank baby A-weah's (Aleah) butt
(Okay so we have to swat every once in awhile...we threaten more than it happens)

Like I said he's my pride and joy and I can't image him growing up on me.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally feeling better...

I have been so stinkin' sick this past week. So sick that I stayed home from work on Wednesday and even made my son go to daycare because there was no way I was going to be able to care for him. I layed on the couch and slept the.entire.day every time I woke up my head was too heavy to pick up or i'd get sick. It's has not been fun. Now I'm just battleing the remnants of a sore throat and annoying cough which I'm blaming on allergies. I got me thinking that day though how our children handle being sick way better than some adults do. I mean I called my husband crying during his lunch hour to beg him just to come home and take care of me (which he didn't) but yeah def. hate being sick as adult!!!!

We've had some horrible weather around us the last couple of days...tornadoes and such but luckily none that came too close. We did however get an unimaginalbe amout of rain which last night filled up the window wells and caused the water to leak through the windows and into the basement. I'm ready to just pull up what carpet we have down there and paint the floor or tile it or something. It's just a mess!!!! Anyway the night before last I had Dalton's door cracked and windows open and wind was blowing pretty crazy and kept shutting his door. So at somepoint he got in bed with me and I asked him yesterday why he was in my bed he said "The trees were moving really fast and shut my door and it scared me" Probably would have scared me too!

Hope you had a great weekend! I've got a lot going on at work this week and a garage sale to prepare for this Saturday...Fun Fun!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't abuse the Drive Thru!!!

Dear people from my town,

Yes it is really cool that our Sonic has a drive thru, but many of you are abusing the privilege of using it. You see my philosophy is that if you're just zipping in to get your 1/2 price Route 44 or a couple of drinks to keep the kids happy sure hit the drive thru. However if you are ordering food of which you know they will have to drop in the big tub of grease put all the condiments on it and bag it up and everything you will know that it could take a while. So then I have to sit behind you and wait for my Route 44 ice tea so you can get your food. It would be a lot more considerate of you to please pull into the little stall thing and push the button and have the car hops deliver your food to your door. Please be don't abuse the drive thru anymore!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

You've got to be kidding me!

As of May 1st I will finally be able to upgrade my cell. I have had my heart set on a BlackBerry for about a year and half...just waiting so I can get the $150 off. The last month i've been getting online and looking at all the features of this great phone drooling and counting down the days til I can hit order this phone and have it shipped to me. Today I log on to do my every three day drooling and it's OUT OF STOCK!!!! Seriously! I've picked up some extra work just so I could justify paying for it and the services and it's out of stock!!! Well they had better be getting them back in stock ASAP!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Fun!!!

This weekend was absolutely crazy but fun none the less! Saturday Dalton and I spent the day Easter Egg Hunting and spending time with our crazy cousins. Here's my little egg hunter all dressed up and ready to go. For some reason I was compelled to dress him in John Deere from head to toe.
Now posing with his momma
With his cousins
Trying to show me his eggs

This was the community hunt so we'll have more pictures next weekend on Easter of these boys at it again.

We also watched a cousin play soccer, made my grandparents breakfast yesterday, and spent the afternoon with Rocky's parents for Easter. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dalton's Big Boy Room

Being 3 years old I thought it was time to upgrade Dalton's room from the uni-gender pale green and yellow with frogs to a Big Boy Room. I took on this task all by myself and soon wondered "What was I thinking?" It's not perfect by any means but he says it's "cool". If the kids happy I'm happy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

NOT Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I haven't done this in awhile...but I'm trying to get back into posting more often...so let's see what I didn't do last week...

I did not justify pigging out on mexican food with a great friend because I worked out everyday last week.

I did not let me 3 year wreck his room and throw every toy...puzzle...and book all over the floor so I could harvest some crops on my facebook farm...are you kidding I never get online when my baby's awake.

I did not beg my husband to start chewing (ewwww) again because the lack of tobacco is making him almost unbearable to live with. I mean come on I miss having those nasty spit cans sitting around the house.

I am not insanely jealous that a friend of mine is pregnant with her second baby. I am extremely happy for them but like I said insanely jealous!

I think that's all I am not admitting to this week! Happy Monday!!!