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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wahooo!!! TGIF!!! It's Friday

I'm so looking forward to this weekend!!! At approximately 5 p.m. today I will have the sweetest baby girl dropped off at my house. Yeppers my sister is in trusting me to keep her 3 month old over night while as a single mother she has to work all night long. Can I tell you how excited I am. This precious baby girl has just started smiling and her smile could light up any room! Did I mention that her cuz Dalton just loves her to pieces too! We may be fighting over who gets to hold her :) I drug all of the old baby stuff up from the basement...swing...bouncy chair...bath tub!!! Rocky works 12 hours tomorrow so I will be home with the kids. What a perfect opportunity to prove to him that I CAN handle an infant and a pre-schooler at the same time :) At least that's what I'm hoping for!!!

Also on tap this weekend includes finally getting the rest of the gear for our motocycle vacation next weekend. I still have to get some rain gear...and we're not leaving town without it they way it's been raining around here lately. And some riding boots of which I'll probably wear all week long next week to get broke in. I'm so excited for this trip. We even get to connect with one of my best friends from school (5th through 12th grade) and his wife and baby girl!!! I haven't seen him in 8 years! Wow! Thank you facebook and myspace for connecting me with old friends!

Here's to you and a great weekend. Look forward to some adorable pictures of me and the kiddos :)


Jolene said...

I hope you guys have a great weekend, and that everything with the baby goes smoothly =)

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I hope your weekend was great! :)

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

How did it go at home with 2? If it's anything like life at my house with a preschooler and a baby... it's both the best time ever and the most chaotic time! :) Hope you enjoyed it. And I bet your sis is so thankful she has you to help!