Dalton and Sophie's Mommy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe

A couple of weeks ago the hubs and I celebrated 7 years of marriage, I'm happy to report that he still is agreeing to put up with baskets of clean laundry sitting around our house and I still don't mind that he's right most of the time. So what does a couple who's been married for 7 years do on their anniversary? Take their adorable children to the pumpkin patch of course :)

This was the only time she was interested in the pumpkins...she preferred picking her favorite rocks instead.
Such a scary monster

Last weekend we did make time for some "couple" time and hopped on the Harley and rode to West Mineral in South East Kansas to see Big Brutus.  I can say I was not really that excited to see the World's second largest electric coal mining scoop but it ended up being more than I thought it would be.

This guy loved every minute of it.

In the Coal Mining Museum they had some memorabilia of maybe the most famous Coal Miner's Daughter...my hero Loretta Lynn.

All in all it ended up being a great anniversary...spending time with the people that I love. Here's to many more years of him being right (most of the time) and my procrastinating on the house chores and raising to incredibly adorable children.