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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Micro-Burst

Yesterday about 2:30 a huge storm rolled into our town without any warning.at.all!!! The National Weather Service hadn't issued any warnings or watches NOTHING! Ya'll know I work at a radio station and we were all standing on the porch watching the clouds roll in, they were moving pretty darn quick the rain started and we decided the exciting sight was over and decided to head back in to get back to work. Not 2 minutes after we came inside did it start raining so hard and the wind was blowing so hard you couldn't see two inches in front of your self outside. Then the reports starting piling in about trees being toppled over...we're talking 60 year old trees here. Then a scary report over the scanner of two semi's blown over on the highway, one of them landing on a car, the driver of that car was so lucky...not one injury.
One Motel not that far from the station the roof was completley blown off and you could see directly into the rooms.

One of the hangar's at our local airport was completly demolished with 4 planes in it. One large plane at DC-3 was blown a 1/2 mile away from the airport.

I didn't get home until 7 last night...I was at the station trying to notify people of all the damage and we have hundreds probably thousands still without power...Rocky was at work trying to keep as much power on in the city as possible. We had some damage but considering we have 8 large old trees in our yard I think we were pretty lucky it wasn't any worse.

I guess the National Weather Service is in the area today surveying damage and determining if this was in fact for sure a microburst. We were very fortunate some people have lost their roofs on their homes are without power, lost million dollar airplanes and so on. Mother Nature she really knows how to put a wrench in things.


Rachel said...

Sorry about your damage. We only live 3 miles southeast of town, and we didn't have any damage whatsoever.... I can't believe it. Especially when I saw what it did at the airport! We're counting ourselves blessed!

Laura said...

Wow! And it was just yesterday I was consoling my son with "Don't Worry! If there was the possibility of something bad with that storm, our radio would be buzzing with the weather report!" Oops.