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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't abuse the Drive Thru!!!

Dear people from my town,

Yes it is really cool that our Sonic has a drive thru, but many of you are abusing the privilege of using it. You see my philosophy is that if you're just zipping in to get your 1/2 price Route 44 or a couple of drinks to keep the kids happy sure hit the drive thru. However if you are ordering food of which you know they will have to drop in the big tub of grease put all the condiments on it and bag it up and everything you will know that it could take a while. So then I have to sit behind you and wait for my Route 44 ice tea so you can get your food. It would be a lot more considerate of you to please pull into the little stall thing and push the button and have the car hops deliver your food to your door. Please be don't abuse the drive thru anymore!!!

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Rachel said...

In my defense, I only use the drive through for food at odd times when no one's there - like 8:30 Sunday mornings and such.
But, yes, that really peeves me, too. Especially when it's a whole van full of people who apparently ordered everything special and will send it back through the window four times because the waitress didn't get it quite right.
And now I'm craving iced tea.