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Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally feeling better...

I have been so stinkin' sick this past week. So sick that I stayed home from work on Wednesday and even made my son go to daycare because there was no way I was going to be able to care for him. I layed on the couch and slept the.entire.day every time I woke up my head was too heavy to pick up or i'd get sick. It's has not been fun. Now I'm just battleing the remnants of a sore throat and annoying cough which I'm blaming on allergies. I got me thinking that day though how our children handle being sick way better than some adults do. I mean I called my husband crying during his lunch hour to beg him just to come home and take care of me (which he didn't) but yeah def. hate being sick as adult!!!!

We've had some horrible weather around us the last couple of days...tornadoes and such but luckily none that came too close. We did however get an unimaginalbe amout of rain which last night filled up the window wells and caused the water to leak through the windows and into the basement. I'm ready to just pull up what carpet we have down there and paint the floor or tile it or something. It's just a mess!!!! Anyway the night before last I had Dalton's door cracked and windows open and wind was blowing pretty crazy and kept shutting his door. So at somepoint he got in bed with me and I asked him yesterday why he was in my bed he said "The trees were moving really fast and shut my door and it scared me" Probably would have scared me too!

Hope you had a great weekend! I've got a lot going on at work this week and a garage sale to prepare for this Saturday...Fun Fun!!!

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Rachel said...

I love how kids see life!
And you should tile the basement. My parents did theirs after years and years of having it just painted and it looks AMAZING!! But it's still totally waterproof in case of flooding. Also if you ever sell your house, it will help the value. You can always get area rugs if you have living space down there.