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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was just trying to help....when I mowed the grass.

Last Friday I had done a really bone headed thing. Forgot to pay the electric bill when my husband works at the power plant. Now he was really upset because he didn't won't everyone to see his name on the "list". But in all honesty it was really an accident. You see the bill was due the 25th Memorial Day and the week before the only thing I could think of was our bike trip so I just kept putting it off driving around our small little town with the stinkin thing in my purse. Then Sunday when we got back I decided I would drop it in the box Monday am on my way to work...well forgot to do that so by the time I got it there it was late afternoon Tuesday. Well our on top of everything town had already sent out the late notices and guess who opened the mail and saw it...yep not me...hubby. So he was a lil upset with me.

To make up for him being upset I decided that since he was working evenings and 12 hours both days of the weekend. I decided that Friday after work I would mow the grass for him. We have a pretty large yard and a push mower so I'm thinkin I'll do double duty ya know...mow the grass and get out of the dog house and get in a workout.

I let Dalton get out his battery operated Gator and start mowing get the whole back yard done which is the largest part of the whole chore. Great so we stop get a drink of water play with lil man...move Gator and lawn mower to the front yard start up mower and it dies. Out of Gas. So trek back to the back garage get the gas can bring it up front fill up the mower. Prime it and try to start...it won't start so I call Rocky he says "I've never had any problems with it not starting after filling it up" fine okay I'll let it set and cool down. Play with Dalton for 10 min go to start mower and it works mow about 4 rows when I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket I'm expecting a call so I turn off mower and answer the phone then my son proceeds to try and drive out into the street...get him back in the yard go to start the mower...it starts but the wheels are locked up and will not turn at all. So I lift up the mower fully expecting to see like a snake all strangled under neath of it but nothing. Not wanting to call Rocky and tell him I broke his mower I call my cousin who can't offer any help so I call Rocky and tell him...his response "It's never done that to me just leave it and I look at it when I get home" Well he worked until 11 and I wanted to get this job done. I just took the mower and started beating it on the ground did this a few times and felt the wheels unlock. Started it back up and finished mowing and vowed never to mow the yard again!!!!

By the way we didn't show up on the "list" and hubby was in a way better mood when he got home to a nice fresh cut yard and electricity that had been paid for. :)


~Katie said...

See, thats why I pretty much refuse to touch the lawn mower. I always screw something up and its too expensive to mess up!

Rachel said...

I thought you were going to say you put diesel instead of gas in it.
Not that I've ever done that before.............