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Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm back..I hope :)

The craziness has died down..for a while anyway. This past weekend was part 2 of Old West Cowboy Days in our town and lil a doh doh head I didn't get a single picture but honestly it was because I was incredibly busy. Friday night I organized our "Western Art Show and Reception" it was fun we had of course Western Art...Beer...Wine and lots of food all of it grilled...corn on the cob...steak...shrimp..potatoes...pork...calf fries...and pinapple yummo!!! Lucky for me it was 100 degrees and I didn't feel the need to eat a lot :)

Then Saturday I took Dalton to the all horse parade with my cousins kids it was fun and one of the horses actually got away which all the kids thought was hillarious...thankfully with an all horse parade there's lots of cowboys around to catch him. After the parade we headed to the park where the other events were going on we watched some old west re-inactors...petted some animals...rode a horse and so on.

Lil man and I then headed to our auditorium for sound check for the concert that night or which I was also in charge of. After getting all the singers set up we high tailed it home for a much need nap for Dalton while I cleaned house since it was a disaster after the two weeks we'd had. Nap over go pick up food for singers and head back to the auditorium for a night of awesome Country and Western music.

Please If you like "Country" or "Western" music at all check out Rusty Rierson and RW Hampton they are both amazing and I really enjoyed them as people and as artists and think you will too.

Now on to a short work week before we hit the lake this weekend...I am trying to remind myself not to forget to take pictures.

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