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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Some Randoms

First of all thank you to all of those who commented and sent prayers and well wishes on my last post about my miscarriage. I really appreciated all of the kind words and I've been there's. Being able to type that post really did help me realize how I was feeling. So again thank you.

Now on to the Randoms

This past week Dalton's pre-school had school pictures so I was in "town" and only had a few minutes to spare and decided I just run into Kohl's and pick him up a new shirt. Easy right? Not!!! Not sure if it was because the change of the season but the ONLY 3T boys shirt they had was a graphic t-shirt with like footballs or trucks on it. Not a one nice trendy shirt for him to wear. I already get mad at clothing stores and the lack of boys clothing without spongebob or cars or dirt bikes or tractors all over them...but come on Kohl's this was very disappointing!!!

I am getting remotivated to teach aerobics again. I've been in kind of a level playing field for a few months...but tonight thanks to my friend Jenny I've remembered the fun of coming up with new stuff in my living room with no one else around just me and my equipment. I've also realized how much I really miss working out 5 days a week. I haven't done that since Dalton was first born..I need to find the time to do that again.

I really need to teach my son how to blow his nose. I'm just not having any luck and the poor kid has his mom's fall allergy problems and has been a sneezing sniffling mess this week.

Next week is Rocky and I's 5th wedding anniversary any ideas on what I should get him. I'm at a loss. We were supposed to be going to see AC/DC the night before but the concert has been postponed :( It's only our second time seeing them this year.

Well that's all folks...I have a hot bath calling my name.


Kris said...

Something that he might appreciate (or not--I don't know lol) that I did for hubby a few years back. I found a babysitter for the night...rented a hotel room with a jacuzzi..(all unbeknownst to him of course) and then told him we were going out on a "date". I had already packed bags, etc...so after we went out and ate, watched a movie and walked around wal-mart (lol) I took him to the hotel to .....rekindle things ;-) it really helped to re-boot and jumpstart our marriage because all too often we lose sight of the important things and the reasons we got together in this mixed up life!

Rachel said...

I share your frustration on trying to find nice clothes for little boys. Last year I couldn't find him an Easter outfit - they had some little slacks/button up outfits that looked perfect from behind, but then they had Cars or Spiderman on the front. And my most recent quest was for a pair of slacks for Nathan - something he can wear with his little tie. No luck. Closest they carry is khaki cargo pants. I hate trendy marketing.
And no idea on anniversary. We don't usually do gifts - we just make it a point to have some "just us" time... Go out to a nice dinner, get a hotel if we can afford it. (Chateau Avalon has some good off-season deals sometimes - especially if there's any way you could stay on a weeknight.)