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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We have a turtle...

So my mom and step dad brought down this little turtle this past weekend for Dalton. I am hoping to get a picture of the turtle and the boy together. But lil D stays a safe distance away from the turtle. Anyway we got on the internet the other night to see what kind and how exactly we are supposed to take care of our new little friend. He or She appears to be a Western Painted Turtle.

Apparently this turtle likes to bask or tan...so I need to go get a UV light for the top of his/her tank...then it needs heat from underneath...a swimming area...a beach area...a diet that consists of worms...crickets...veggies...fruit...and of course reptile food. We have not bought all of this stuff yet...but will be making a fast dash to the store tonight...because...last night we thought turtle was dead.

We came home from the park and it wasn't moving and was laying with all of it's limbs outside of his shell. Rocky said I banged on the side of the tank and it won't move. I think the t-u-r-t-l-e is d-e-a-d and I didn't really want to have to tell Dalton his pet had died...even though he's been through it before when our best friend Twister the dog died ( I still miss her deeply). So I whisked Dalton down stairs to do some laundry so Rocky could take care of the issue...when he starts yelling "False Alarm" whew!!! He evidently picked up the turtle and dropped it and then it started moving again and acting naturally.

So yes tot he store we go tonight to get all the supplies for this little pet! Thanks mom! Could you please have a back up turtle around just in case :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck! We have a pet turtle. They're a lot work...filters and food. And you have to be careful because they can carry salmonella. Children under 5 shouldn't handle them or if he does immediately and thoroughly wash his hands. And if you get preggers again you aren't supposed to be around the turtle either.

MommaYoung said...

What a cutie! I love turtles..

We get our puppy this Friday. I can't wait. I don't look forward to missing her though. Pray that is the 15-16 years it is supposed to be.

Have fun with your turtle...