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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

These Two People Are Two of the loves of my life.

Right now I'm putting finishing touches on my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for this Saturday. Let me tell you folks true love doesn't get much closer than this. These two have been through so many of lifes trials and tribulations and are currently battling Grandpa's Colon Cancer...(hopefully we'll be down with Chemo real soon...it's looking real good) but their love for one another has stayed strong and proved to stand the test of time. They never gave up on each other or walked away when things got tough. They made a commitment to each other and have kept the promise. I might mention that they dated for 2 weeks before getting married ! Grandma and Grandpa I love you sooooooo much and you are the role models I look up to in every aspect of my life! Thank you for being as close to me as my parents...providers...care givers...support system...and friends!!!!


Michelle V said...

Oh Tiff I love them so much too! When I was growing up they were my 2nd parents and I would do ANYTHING for my Uncle Cecil when I was little! Love them SO much! Mom and Dad wish they could be there for the party but they just aren't able to make the trip again. Please give them my love!!


Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Awww, my grandparents (I blogged about my grandpa last wk on Veteran's Day) were such love birds... it's so sweet!

I saw the email from you... about bday parties... and I promise I'm getting to it! :)

Anjanette said...

OH My Gosh, Tiff, that is so awesome. With luck that is us. We are on our 20th this December.