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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Fun and I'm Super Mom (not)

This past weekend was really kind of a short one.  I had like half a day to get the house clean, get ready for a garage sale and spend some quality time with the kiddos since Sunday involved a long all day trip to the Central part of the state for a family baby shower.  So I got up went to work for a few hours came home and Dalton and I worked on sorting through all of his toys to get ready for the garage sale.  We successfully cut the toy population in half after decided which toys he had outgrown and were ready to pass on and the ones that had broken peices and could be thrown away.  Whew...that took us all afternoon lets just say that kid is LOVED.  So now the toy boxes are ready for Christmas and his birthday 10 days later.  By that time it was late and time for dinner.  Somehow it became 9 o'clock and the promise of a family movie night was pretty distant in my mind.  Sophie was in bed and Rocky was heading that way.  Dalton was begging to carve pumpkins and since Rocky was going to bed I thought it'd be perfect time for some one on one time with my little man. 
I handed him some spoons to clean out the pumpkin while I cleaned the kitchen.  It did a great job, no complaining and very little guts left for me :)

I was pretty impressed with my mad carving skills and even went to bed telling Rocky I bet he was jealous that he didn't get in on that quality time.
 The next morning before Sophie and I hoped in the car Dalton and I painted our toast...I'd seen this on pinterest and thought he might find it fun. 

Just mix a few drops of food coloring into a cup of milk and use paint brushes to paint it on. I've seen people post that they popped these into the broiler, I just put them in the toaster and I forgot to take an after pic but once it's toasted it really enhances the color. Def. will do it again.

After a long day in the car and a fun baby shower Soph and I were suprised when we got home to this
Dalton and Rocky carved 5 pumpkins so pretty much take that mom you thought you were cool...

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend.

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Rachel said...

Laughed at the "take that mom!"

We've got to do a toy purge before Christmas, too. Not looking forward to it. (I'd rather sleep.)