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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Six years and a few days ago...

I gave birth to the second love of my life...he weight 6 lbs 3 oz and was the most perfect little man I had ever seen.  Now someone tell me where the last 6 years and few days have gone?!?!?!? How did my teeny tiny little baby turn into a big kid...a wrestler...a 6 year old!!!! I couldn't be more proud of the kid Mr. Dalton has become.  He has the kindest heart of any boy I know.  He plays with his sister and makes sure she's always well taken care of.  He smiles the entire time he's on the wrestling mat.  He reads me books at night and is always begging to make me a new piece of art.  He's my best friend! I can't imagine not having him as my first born...we have that first born-mom-son bond that words just can't describe.  I'm looking forward to watching him continue to grow and see what kind of big kid, teenager, man he becomes but right now I'm living and loving the moment we're in. He reminds me every day how lucky and blessed I am to have him and his sister and I'm cherishing everything about them that I can.

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Mom, Dad and All Those Boys said...

You said that so well! He is an absolutely adorable little boy...and I know boys. ;o) What a blessing you have in those precious kids!