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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some changes round here...

Did you notice? Yes I took off those ads on the side of my page. Truth is they've been up there for like a year and I haven't received one check and it was just taking up space. I don't really blog often enough to make money off of it and I'm fine with that...it was just a hip thing I decided to try and join in on. So there it's gone.

My son is seriously testing my patience the past two weeks with his bed time routine! He has ALWAYS been great about getting put to bed. The kid started sleeping through the night at 3 months...and has pretty much not been one to get out of his bed after we tucked him since he's been in his big boy bed at almost 2. But the last two weeks have been a different story...sure we've had a night here or there when he called from his bed for a sip of water or needing to go to the bathroom after he's laid down but nothing like this. It's a constant battle to keep him in bed. Last night he would try sneaking out and sitting by the living room door way and watch tv. I'm trying the super nanny approach of just leading him back in to his room and putting him back into bed without saying a word. His dad on the other hand is a softy and gives him hugs talks to him lays there with him a minutes. ugh why must I be the bad guy :( Hopefully the phase ends soon. We'll see...tonight I teach aerobics until 8:30 so we'll see if he's in bed or not when I get home.

Speaking of that adorable little man...he start Rec Center instructional basketball this Saturday. We're so excited!!! Well I am Rocky's just hoping he's passed on some of his athletic ability to Dalton. Fingers crossed this goes well for our shy little man!

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Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Seriously, something's in the air... 1 if not BOTH of my kids have woken up in the night EVERY night for the past 2 wks. This momma has some serious bags under the eyes... agh! I hope for relief for both of us soon! (Wish I had advice on keeping Dalton in his bed, but we've - luckily never really dealt with that with Big Sis... G-man will be another story! Can they stay in cribs until they're 18?)