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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear people....

*That i work with there is a light with an exhaust fan in the bathroom please us it!!!

*That drive around our town...you continually tick me off when I see you throwing trash out on our city streets...Please FIND A TRASH CAN!!!!

*At the fast food Restaurants I've visited this week is it too much to ask that you please get my order right just once...I'm running to you because I need FAST food...not order my food pull forward look in my bag and go into the restaurant to get what I really ordered food.

*In my house I have LOVED LOVED LOVED being home with you every night this week and cannot wait until maternity leave from aerobics.

*In my aerobics classes...I have been eating slow fast food every day this week and not worked out be ready for next week :)

*Ladies on my August birth board...can't you play nice and be supportive of each other I've never been through so much drama...you should learn a thing or two from the Jan 06 mama's. I just lurk there now but they are so supportive of each other and have been through so many tragedies that have totally brought that group together...hopefully the trolls and mean people leave soon.

***Dear Baby...why are you only the size of an onion and I'm as big as a whale (really I've only gained a pound) none of my clothes fit and now I must go shopping to find something I can wear in public***PS your dad keeps calling you little buddy...but I see hairbows and dresses in my future...guess we'll find out in August :)

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