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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A House Divided

That's a term we see a lot in our neck of the woods and last night it fit perfectly into our home. You see yesterday was the BIG KU K-State Basketball game...and while we live just 30 minutes from the KU campus we also live in an agricultural community that has it's fair share of K-State fans. Dalton just happens to have a little girl in his class who was all dressed up in her K-State attire yesterday at school and apparently they had a little talk about this BIG game. When we got home last night Rocky made mention of watching the game and Dalton replied "K-State is going to win" they made a bet...if Dalton was right he didn't have to practice writing tonight and if Rocky was right well then he would. I missed the first half of the game for aerobics but Rocky told me it went something like this.

Rocky "Dalton KU is winning"
Dalton "Nope K-State is winning"

When I got home lil man was supposed to be in bed and the game was in the second half. He would yell from bed "Dad is K-State winning?" Of course the answer was no. It really took some hard convincing this morning to get him to believe that K-State had indeed lost.

Rocky was so excited about this night though because his son was finally showing some interest in an athletic event. I'm sure there will be many more KU K-State or whatever games that these discussions will take over the family room...and I am totally looking forward to them.


Gleatie said...

We have a house divided as well. Really between 3 schools! University of Virginia, University of Georgia and the U of Georgia. We have little baby jerseys lined up for baby boy to come along! I saw your blog thread on babycenter. Can't wait to read more!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

We LOVE sports in our house! We had Big Sis cheering on our OSU Cowboys last night... and G-man clapping. Tonight we take on... the Kstate wildcats!! My parents actually went there, so it's a family divided. :)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog yesterday... you're a super momma yourself!
Hope you're feeling well!!