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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Do You Think? Boy or Girl?

Ok so I know you can't tell by the face picture what the gender is...but I totally think this babe looks like Rocky! :) Not knowing if we're having a boy or a girl is killing me this time AND I have yet another ultrasound coming up in 5 weeks!!! That Dr. is trying to kill me! I keep telling myself : "Self remember how rewarding it was finding out after that pushing and extremely quick labor" but it only helps for a few minutes. We have FINALLY decided on names for this little bean. I'm totally telling only because we don't know the sex...If I knew the sex I wouldn't tell the name...so if it's a girl her name will be Sophie Grace and if it's a boy his name will be Eli Ellsworth. I just can't wait to meet you baby! We have so much to get done before s/he arrives...it feels like August is soooooooo far away yet it's just so close!

The Belly Bump is def growing!!!

I'm trying to schedule some family portraits...pregnancy photos for sometime next month. I really wish I would have done them when I was pregnant with Dalton :( Live and Learn I guess.

I also just dropped the hint to Rocky the other day that I think I 3rd child is totally necessary. He's not quite on board!


Aud said...

Yay for everything looking good. I have no patience for waiting it out. I have to know the sex. I'm going to vote girl!

Susan said...


Rachel said...

I love the EEE initials. Very original.
I loved AND hated not finding out - but I think I loved it more... Because I'm not going to find out next time either. The excitement and suspense in the delivery room is great when you don't know.