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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommy Guilt...It's normal...right?

Let me start off by saying that I am 100% already completely in love with our new baby and can't wait to meet him or her...however I'm having a slight feeling of mommy guilt.

Guilt for...turning my little boys world upside down...for making him share his mommy and daddy. He's been our #1 for the last 4 1/2 years...and honestly besides his father he is my best friends. (Yes I totally think a 4 year old can be you're best friend). We have so much special time just the two of us...our car ride conversations every morning and afternoon...our trips to the library...playing in the yard...our bedtime snuggle time...our Mommy Dalton days...when daddy's working on the weekends...I could go on and on and on! He's my little man and I'm just feeling a little guilty that he will have to share me.

Now I know that he wont stay little forever and he'll probably find someone else to call his best friend but I've truly treasured every moment that we've had just the three of us!

I also know that him having a sibling is probably one of the greatest gifts we as parents could possibly give him...I know I wouldn't trade my siblings for anything.

Ok...maybe I'm rambling now...I think I'm just really starting to get a little stressed and anxious for the new member of our family to arrive and we still have about 10 Weeks to go :(

Here's a few of the cutest quotes from my little man:

"The firefighters are going to be jealous of me when I get big and drive the fire truck"

At bed time last night "I'm sorry mommy for arguing with you"...Me"Honey we're not arguing" Dalton "I argued at dinner when I didn't want to eat"

At 3 a.m. he wakes me up because he needs to know what time it is (I think he's getting interested in learning to tell time)

Those are just a few off the top of my head the kid entertains me daily!

Oh and that new baby...we got to take a peak at it this week...it's measuring perfectly except it's legs are 2 weeks ahead...while watching it also reached down and scratched it's butt!

I totally think Dalton's going to have a baby brother :)


Natalie Maddon said...

I just happened to sumble on your cute blog. I have to tell you that you are not the only one with mommy guilt. I have a three year old little girl and I am scared to have another one because I don't want to focus attention on anyone but her. It is hard :(

Rachel said...

Don't worry about it... You will surprise yourself at how well you and they adapt. I know Nathan gets frustrated sometimes, especially when I'm nursing, but I try to make sure that I offer lots of snuggle time with him or special play time when Jacob is asleep or happy entertaining himself. Lately he's wanted me to snuggle with him at bedtime - which is perfect, because almost always Jacob is already asleep. So I just sit on his bed and hold his hand and tell him how much I love him. You will do great - you're already a great Mommy and Wife, and adding another one won't change that.