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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I guess I've been in the dark.

Why haven't I figured out the awesomness of Pandora yet? I mean yes I work at a radio station and I probably shouldn't be promoting an online radio station...but it's an online radio station that allows me to listen to New Kids On The Block (Please don't go girl currently playing) and then the next song be Miranda Lambert. Wish you all would have shared this with me a little sooner!

Have I mentioned lately what an awesome husband I have? He's staying home this week with both kids all.by.himself. Dalton's school is closed this week and so he volunteered to use some of his 1 Million (government job) hours of vacation to stay home. Princess Sophie I guess lived up to her name yesterday and was very high maintenance. I don't think he put her down all day...luckily Dalton is in love with the new Wii that he got for Christmas and that pretty much kept him entertained. (Oooh Michael Jackson Billie Jean). Honestly we've all been fighting over the Wii. Rocky just wants to hunt...Dalton wants to race or bowl or box and I just want to play Just Dance or do Wii fit. It's addicting but at least I'm getting some exercise in.

We're still recovering from the craziness of Christmas and family gatherings...I'm declaring this Saturday as stay home Saturday! I'm thinking cleaning out closets and organizing the house is just what we need to do the first day of 2011. (More about 2011 goals later).

So I hope you're all back into the swing of work or your normal routines and survived the holiday fun! Bring on 2011...I'm ready for some changes) Bye, Bye, Bye (Don't make fun...I love NSync)!

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