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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 years

How can it be that they've gone by soooo fast. Sleepless nights with you...teething...first words...potty training they're all just a memory. (sniff sniff) You, Dalton Lyle make me so proud to be your mommy! You are no longer a baby, a toddler, even a preschooler, your a little-big kid. You count everything...know your letters...and even ask me how to spell words (mostly girls names...sigh). Your vocabulary amazes me everyday and they questions you ask make me realize you know more about this crazy world than I give you credit for. You love to work on projects with daddy and take things apart to see how they work. If there was a demolition derby for little kids you'd be the first to sign up cause that's one of your favorite things right now. You're all boy kiddo and I love that.

Your teachers tell me all the time that even on a bad day you're smile can make the day a little brighter (and I totally agree). That smile is extremely contagious and I hope you keep your positive outlook forever. You are friends with everyone and that's awesome. I have this feeling you'll get your heart broke a few times over the years...just because you're such a nice kid. Keep it that way...it'll pay off in the long run!

This year when you found out you'd have a little brother or sister you were very excited...asking almost daily how much longer until the baby gets here. Ever since we've brought your sister home you've been a great help and most mornings I don't know how the three of us would get where we needed to be without your help. I know sometimes you probably wish that all of the attention was on you again...but you share it well. I can tell you love your sister so unconditionally and it makes my heart melt that you feel the need to hold her multiple times a day...read her books and just play with her. She loves you too!

Happy Birthday bud! Keep being that same awesome kid you've always been. And please don't mind that I'll probably cry when we sing you Happy Birthday tonight...and at your birthday party this weekend and when you start kindergarten in August...let's just say...get used to my tears

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Aaron Nichols said...

Awesome Post - Congratulations Mommy!