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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please help me get this baby to sleep!

I don't know if it's the full moon or what but my baby girl has decided she should keep mom up all.night.long. and I'm not exaggerating! She WAS sleeping awesomely...going to bed around 9:30 up at 6 maybe even 6:30 and occasionally 7. Then...last week hit!

You see she currently sleeps in our room in the pack and play...all cuddled up in her swaddler.
(not my baby)

However she's outgrown it therefore we've quit using it...and she starts waking up every two to three hours. Our room is downstairs and it's a little cooler than her room upstairs so I decided last night I'd put her in her crib upstairs and see if that would help. And I'm not lying people it was the worst night of sleep of her whole life!!!

I made sure she was good and asleep and laid her down...20 minutes later she's stirring and then up...I pick her up rock rock rock she's asleep down she goes 30 minutes later hello mama I want you to hold me! I made a little bed on the floor in her room and I was so exhausted I stood there looking at my makeshift bed on the hardwood floor desperately wishing I was laying in it. Really?!?!? You must be really tired and crazy to want to sleep on the floor!

So what are you're tips? Any ideas? Do you think i should buy her a bigger swaddler I mean really she can't be swaddled forever but I can't sleep on the floor for 20 to 30 minutes at a time for very long either.

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Rachel said...

Sorry! I feel your pain.
I'd skip on the swaddling... She's going to have to learn to sleep at some point without it. I hated it when my boys outgrew their swaddlers! We had a futon in Nathan's room when he was a baby, and there were several nights I laid it down and put him there with me just so I could get SOME sleep. And a few times, the boys did come to our bed. Even though I'm not a fan of co-sleeping, if the choice is no sleep or bad sleep with them in bed with me, I'll choose bad sleep.
I know it feels like you're going to die right now, but it will probably only last a few days. (Hopefully you'll get caught back up on YOUR sleep!)