Dalton and Sophie's Mommy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The House That Will Build My Children

As long as we make it through inspections next week on our place and this place this will be the house that builds our children! I'm sooo stinking excited. Like can't sleep at night...day dreaming of where things will go...imagining my children playing in the 1.68 acre yard...I'm just tooo excited! Dalton is too! He told me this morning he can't wait to move...I think it's the promise of the playroom. So please stick around friends. I plan to get back to blogging soon! I have a couple of posts written just need to take and add the photos but things will be getting crazy here over the next few weeks!


Susan said...

It looks wonderful! Keep us updated, please!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous house! I'm so happy for you guys!

Linda said...

That house is beautiful! Cant' wait to hear/see more.