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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ready or Not Here We Come...Kindergarten

And just who's idea was it to let this little boy grow up anyway? Tuesday we took him to Kindergarten roundup KINDERGARTEN PEOPLE!!!! He did fabulous! We walked in one of the teachers asked if he'd go with her while his parents filled out paper work and.he.went.WILLINGLY! He passed his testing that they did with him only forgetting to put the O (his favorite letter) in his name and was confused on his address...I'm pretty sure he gave them his phone number. But letters numbers counting standing on one foot...they say he's ready. I know he is...but am I? Am I really ready to say I have a "big kid"? A kid that wears a backpack to school everyday and can choose to eat a school lunch or take a lunch...a kid that will bring home homework and learn naughty things from his friends. Nope I don't think I'm ready. I mean August it will be kindergarten, then 1st grade, middle school, high school and then he'll be moving away!!! Ok maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself! All I know is that I'm gonna love and cuddle and snuggle with him all I can until he goes to school and realizes his mom isn't cool anymore.

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Linda said...

Love this. They grow up so fast. I swear time moves faster when you have kids :(