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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

30 Really Isn't all that bad!

My Good Friend Donna called me last week and said we should make a commitment to each other to blog again.  So today on my 30th birthday...I'm gonna give the blogging thing a try again

The 20's were so so so good to me.  I married the man I lusted after in high school, we bought a house, had a beautiful baby boy, completely remodeled that house, had a beautiful baby girl and bought our second house. We went on vacations, made and lost touch with friends, celebrated 10 years out of high school, celebrated marriage milestones with our grandparents and sent my oldest to school.  The 20's were filled with lots of beginnings for this crazy life of mine, lots of things I can't wait to watch flourish and grow in my 30's.

So today on this 30th birthday of mine I will not be sad that I'm leaving my 20's behind. I'll celebrate all that they brought to me and look forward to the future...because 30 is the new 20 anyway...right?!?!?


Mom, Dad and All Those Boys said...

Happy birthday to you, dear Tiffany! Your 30's are going to be WONDERFUL!

Rachel said...

"I married the man I lusted after in high school..."
Ha! Loved this. I can say the same thing about my husband.
Happy 30th! I didn't realize you were [slightly] older than me. My big one is next month.....