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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm still here...

I've been having a blogger identity crisis...in that I just couldn't think of anything to write or anything I wanted to say. Yes I Tiffany had nothing to say. AMAZING I know!!! But I have found that not getting my thoughts out has made me more of a boring person so here are just a few thoughts.

  • I'm loving that we finally got DVR and I can watch my favorite shows after they've already aired and no I don't FF through commercials...those people paid good money for those ads (can ya tell I'm in advertising) so they deserved to be watched.
  • I can't wait till we can buy a bigger house. Even though we will pay our first home off in 5.5 years a totall of 10 years and I'm proud of that but we really need more room or for momma to throw out some crap and get more organized.
  • My son is 3 years old and is for some reason crapping his pants during recess everyday at school and I think he's doing it for attention of which he gets plenty of because HELLO you're an only child....and spoiled rotten.
  • My heart melted yesterday when he ran into daycare and hugged his lil girl thats a friend. He talks about he constantly and she has even told me that she is going to come over and play at our house sometime.
  • Soo....my new bribe is that if he doesn't crap his pants for a whole week we can invite lil G over for a playdate.
Hope you're all having a terrific Thursday...YAY for Friday tomorrow.


~Katie said...

We do need to set something up. I've seen Bob a couple of times around town, and I miss you guys so much! So, you need to let me know when you have free time, since you seem even busier than me, if that's possible. :)

Rachel said...

Sorry about the pooping. Yuck.
Yay you for being so close to home ownership! I'm struggling with the same thing: Too much crap, not enough space. But this is my dream house, or more accurately dream location, so a bigger house is out of the question at least 'til we can afford to add on. So the crap is going. You should see the pile of stuff I made that I told my hubby "Go through it and organize it or it's all going in the trash."

MommaYoung said...

And we missed you....

LOL, that is so funny and cute. I love hearing little ones talk about my kids.