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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here's some awesome recipes you'll love...

The end of summer last year Dalton's preschool asked each parent to submit two recipes that the teaches would use for something at a later...well I was pleasantly surprised when each parent got a cookbook for Christmas with not only our recipes but also our childrens' recipes. Some of them are just too funny I thought I'd share a few.

First up Mr. Dalton:

My favorite meal that mommy makes is corn "With Pizza, plant it and pick it, Microwave for two minutes and then eat it"

C-My favorite meal that mommy makes is "Chicken Nuggets, you get some chicken and some sauce, put it on the stove for 90 minutes then cook it in the microwave for 90 minutes. Then put cinnamon on it to make it yummy with apples and bananas and strawberries. Put that in a bowl and stir it"

W-My favorite meal that mommy makes is "salsbury steak, Put it in the microwave at 100 degrees, cook, then let it cool down before you eat it. Not sure of the ingredients because it just comes in the package that way!"

G-My favorite meal that mommy makes is "Macaroni, get some cheese, with some meat on it and broccoli and corn on the stove for 10 seconds. Be careful it's hot and will make your mouth burnt"

Here's my lil Chef in all his cuteness helping me make brownie's last weekend.


Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

That is TOOOOO cute! Love the words of wisdom from preschoolers!

Rachel said...

He is SO CUTE! And getting so grown up!