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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My favorite part of the day.

Is at night right before bed. Now don't get me wrong I love being woken up (should that be waken?) by my dear lil man on some morning and hear him say "Mommy I need you" yes he's 4 but he still needs mommy to come in his room before he gets out of bed. I love the alone time that he and I have in the morning getting ready for school and work it's some of our best conversation time...and I love the time after work I spend on my hands and knees playing with trucks and tractors and legos. But I really really love that time right before bed that my husband and I spend just talking...no tv...no little voices interupting our conversation just the two of us talking. Now mind you most of these late night chats usually start with a sentance like "Dalton said the funniest thing today" or "Can you believe how much he seems to have changed just this week" but it's still "our" time together.

What really makes me mad though is when he is on 3p.m. to 11p.m. shift and I have to stay up extra late to have this chat. But my awesome man totally switched shifts next week so no 3-11 for awhile.

Speaking of the statements from that 4 year old here are just a few.

Not getting his way..."I'm just gonna be grumpy"

Asking about his day at school yesterday..."why do we always have to talk about this"

When we walked in the door from school..."I was thinking I will go down stairs and play my new computer...did you think that too?"

And my favorite on his counting page out of a workbook for school that has 8 birds on it and we're asking him to point at them and count them for us..."you're not supposed to count these just color them"

Have a great hump day!


Rachel said...

Awesome Dalton-isms. I can't wait for Nathan to talk better so I get to hear these!
I hate Paul's 3-11 shift, too. I'd stay up late to talk to him when he got home, and not get to bed until 1, only to have to get up at the crack of dawn with Nathan. And I'm sure it's worse for you, having to go to work - at least I can be lazy if I feel like I need to. (Although, they're changing shifts at work, so now they're only working 12s, 7-7).

Anonymous said...

hehe, what a cutie!