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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap...

Before I forget...I need to present our Christmas Recap.

This year it was spread out a little which made it a little easier on the little man. He got to play with his new toys before moving on the unwrap new ones which was great! Friday the 19th we had Christmas at my Dad's House. Dalton had a blast playing with his cousin Tabrie...she is 4 weeks younger than him.
Tabries is quite the photographer
She got a new camera and took pictures of all of his cars that he got for Christmas. Dad and Denise of which are our Harley Parents...got us lots of awesome Harley apparel and now I'm itching to ride.

Sunday we spent the day at Rocky's parents house. Dalton had seen the big box his present was in and had asked about it before and his Aunt Michele had told him it was hers...but man was he happy when he got to open it and found a John Deere Gator inside. I might mention that it was 4 degrees outside that day but we all bundled up for abouot 10 minutes so he could ride it around.
We only stayed out a minute...it was 5 degrees!

Then on Christmas eve we spent the evening at my mom and step dad's house. Again another great night with them my sister and brother and grandparents! Dalton and mom played tic tac toe and I'm pretty sure Dalton was cheating cause he won everytime :) He wanted to open every present and play with it right then and there.

When we got home that night...he was getting a little crabby...we were trying to coax him into being happy and telling him that we had to get cookies and milk ready for Santa when he said the cutest quote of all Christmas "I have enough presents" LOL! Don't worry he had no problem opening presents Christmas morning and was thrilled that Santa had brought him a motorcycle Big Wheel. I haven't had time to get those pictures uploaded yet! I wanted to get this post done before I start my New Years Resolution Post.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!


Jenn said...

Ok..I don't know if we've discussed this before...but Eric and I got a bike this summer... not a Harley (*sniff*) but we are LOVING riding...an absolutely fabulous time for us to be together and ALONE (no sidecars for us!! LOL)

Tiffany said...

We had a practice bike before the awesome chance at the Harley came up. I agree...riding the bike is when we get to be "us". It's so sexy to be holding on to your man on the back of a motorcycle.

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