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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I donated blood for the first time...and only about fainted twice!

Let me start off by saying that donating blood and having some blood work tests drawn are entirely two different things...AND just because you have gone through natural childbirth ONCE doesn't make you abstained from pain.

Now on to the rest of the story!

I have been talking about donating blood for at least two years. My boss donates a couple of times a year and I always tell him that I would like to go with him sometime. I work at a small town radio station and today during my show the news guy was doing a story about blood shortages at the blood bank and that there was a blood drive at our local hospital. So I get some balls out of nowhere and decide I will go donate during lunch. It is the season of giving after all.

Get there no line really, get my finger pricked to check my iron and my level is .1 too low. Seriously...I'm off the hook? They tell me they can check the other hand and I'm thinking like that is going to make a difference...but it did. It was .8 higher than they other hand...so now I go drink my bottle of water and get ready for my turn.

I finally get called to the chair and sit for like 30 minutes waiting to get stuck. Finally they stick the needle in but what...have to reajusdt. (I should have told them my veins are tricky) Then get the blood going...I'm squeezing the ball bloods just going through the tube. The lady says "you feeling good"...I'm like "yeah" then she says "the fastest flow is 9 and you're rolling good at 9" Then all of a sudden I start getting light headed "uh ma'am I'm light headed" So they lay me back...put some cold compresses on me and like two seconds later they've got all the blood they need from me. I filled that bag in 7 minutes...7 MINUTES! Anyway sit me up...i'm drinking water and then all of a sudden the dizyness and light headedness strikes again!

Needless to say between waiting and feeling like fainting it took me 2 hours to donate blood. Will I do it again? Absolutely!!!

Wow this is like my longest post ever! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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Jolene said...

Oh no! When we were younger, my brother passed out once at the doctor's office after they took one or two vials of blood for tests and they had to get the smelling salts out for him!