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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa uses Coupons!!!!

Hehehe! This morning Dalton and I were watching TV eating our oatmeal when a commercial came on with Santa shopping in a big box store near our town. Dalton says "There's Santa Claus" then Santa holds up some gift cards and Dalton says "He has coupons"! Can you tell I have a little coupon helper. He always takes his own coupons with him when we go shopping. Too cute!

By the way one month from today...my little man...will...be...three. Ugh. Time is flying so fast. He is such a person these days. I love being able to have conversations with him.

What I do not love is that he has his mommy and daddy's combined hard-headedness and tempers. Not a good combination. In all honesty he is a sweet loving kid...but he can be a pill too! Terrible twos are almost over. Terrific threes are next! Right??

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Jaden Paige said...

hahaha I love coupon clipping! It's so great you get your little man involved too :) My girl is only 18 months, so she's a little young for it, but I might have to steal your idea when she's a bit older... That way I can just give her something to find and spend less time chasing her around the store! :)

I've been with my hubby since June 2000, too... Seems like we have a bit in common!