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Monday, January 5, 2009

He's Three!!!! My Baby is Three!!!

So I had planned on having a post all ready Sunday morning...but that just didn't happened...Don't you know I only fit blogging in during my lunch hour from work :(

Sunday at 6:08 a.m. Dalton Lyle turned 3 years old...and that night when is snuggled on my lap after a long day I about cried at the thought of my baby growing up.

I could post about the crazy day of pictures Saturday or the awesome birthday party with all of the family but instead I want to write about the star of the show.

Three years seems so long ago...when we welcomed this beautiful baby boy into the world. He's always been a little guy...most of the kids in his class a daycare tower over him...but this year he did grow 3 inches and is now 3 ft and 1/2 an inch tall. He's gained about 4 pounds all year long.

My little man is really turning into a little man...he loves trucks and tractors (green and yellow)...hot wheels cars (we have like 130 of them) and he's a die hard mommy's boy.

After Swimmin A Man needs to mow the yard

He loves to be read to but also loves to read to mommy and daddy. He knows all the words to "My Dog's The Best" and even turns the book around so we can see the pictures so we can seem them and says "see guys"!

Just cleaning out the toy box )

Dalton your willingness to argue over everything from what socks you wear to what bowl you eat your cereal out of to what toys can sleep with you in bed is cute in it's own way and we love seeing your personality start to really form. But that terrific three attitude is gonna get you lots of time outs if you don't start to cool it a bit. And who-ever taught you to say "GOSH" should be punished.

I'm excited to see you grow this next year...but not too fast ok? Mommy's not really read for a big boy. This year you'll move into the no parents help swimming lessons...you'll start pre-school in the fall and I'm sure you'll continue on becoming more independent :(

Happy Belated Birthday Dalton! Thank you for being Mommy's ray of sunshine :)


tara @ kidz said...

Time flies, doesn't it? He's a cutie. I love the last pic!!!

AmberP said...

Awwww It's always so crazy to look back and see how fast they have grown hey?!

{Thank you muchos for stopping in on my blog btw, and for the record... I SO think dreaming about working out counts as a work out - and ALSO contributes to some rock solid abs!}

Jolene said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Dalton!