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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why me Mr. Zit?

Dear Mr. Zit

Why did you find it necessary to pop up on my cheek this morning...the day before the AC/DC concert? Do you not remember that last week was that time of the month? Not only did you appear out of nowhere but you're not small...at all!!!!Do you realize that you're making my cheek look double it's size? Why me...why today? Is it because I haven't been drinking all 8 of my glasses of water every day...Is it because I'm horribly stressed at work and just can't seem to get ahead and my A.D.H.D is getting the best of me.

I know...you can't answer why...

But could you please magically disappear before tomorrow night? I would really appreciate my generally clear skin back for this fun date night with my hubs.

Thank you! Sincerely


C said...

He just visited me and I guess knew he was coming to see you, he didn't mention where he was going after our visit. I would have let you know in advance I promise.

Jennie said...

I hate when he comes to visit me... it is always at some time when I really don't want his company on my face!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh man!


Rachel said...

I'm hoping it will go away before our big date Saturday.... Nathan's going to have his first all-nighter at Grammy's. (But the vanity isn't necessarily to look hot for the hubby - it's b/c we're going to a banquet for his work, and I'm more worried about everyone he works with thinking he has a hot wife!)