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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I got lucky!

Once a month the radio station I work for takes a bus load of people to a casino about an hour and half away. It's usually a fun day and I usually invite my grandma to go with me. She's probably one of my best friends! I think we are a lot alike in many ways and let me tell you at 69 she has got to be one of the trendiest ladies I know! This trip grandma came along and so did my cousins fiance! Now the casino gives everyone on the bus $10 to spend and we're there for four hours. Back before we had Dalton, Rocky would go on the trips and it was our challenge with each other who could make their $10 last the longest and when it was gone we were done. Since he hasn't gone with me I generally take an extra $10 and generally lose it.

However yesterday was different. I was playing a penny machine and was just about out of credits when I hit one of the video game things and ended up winning $42! Woo-Hoo! I know it's not a lot of money but I had only used $5 of the casino's money so really I won $47. Thankfully grandma and Jessica had lost all the money they waned to and so we sat and chatted for over two hours and I was able to walk away with all of my winnings.

Today was a quite day at home just me and Dalton cause daddy was workin'. We lounged and played and napped and finally got lil man's bedroom organized again. But I do have one Daltonisim for the day.

D-"I'm big like daddy"
M-"Any Mommy too?"
D-"No mommy you're short"

Kids not lying I'm only 5'2" but what's a 37" lil boy telling me I'm short! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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