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Monday, February 16, 2009

This Valentine's Day was Zonkers!!!

What a lovely Valentine's weekend it was! Have I ever mentioned how much I love my boys! They're amazing!!!!

Saturday morning Dalton comes out of his bedroom and Rocky tells him to go get my v-day gift which he had hidden himself in his closet ( I didn't peek I promise). He crawls up on our bed and pulls out this teddy bear that has this light on it pushes the button the song "Hey There Delilah" From the Plain White T's starts playing the Chorus and Dalton starts singing..."Oh...It's What you do to me...you could tell he had listened to it a few hours! That was the best gift right there!! Rocky told me that had stood at the store and played every stinkin' singing animal they had for about two hours before picking this one. Oh yeah the light read...I Love you...You're the Greatest.

Then we went to visit my sister and niece. They were doing lovely...lil Aleah looks like an angel. Stupid me forgot the camera but you should have seen Dalton kiss her little head. I think they are going to be great close cousins. <3

Then we took lil man to Zonkers! Ever been there? Kind of like Chuck E. Cheese and in our area Worlds of Fun combined if that makes any sense of all. It was our first time but Dalton had a blast. I'm not sure why but we started with the big kid rides and went down from there. Him and I rode the roller coaster and I must say the boy has his mommy's love for adventure rides. The think we pretty fast and he just laughed and giggled the whole time.

Fun was definetly had by all! Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day too!

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Tam said...

Well it all sounds fun...we were a bit low keyed around here. Great post!