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Monday, February 2, 2009

Okay...about the Octuplets

So I've been debating posting anything about the California Octuplets if you live in a hole and haven't heard this story click here. Anyways...I am going to make this brief because I'm not real big on posting my opinions about hot topic political type stuff...However this really strikes a nerve with me.

As a parents Rocky and I have come to the conclusion that quite possibly we will have only one child. Why because we are trying to live responsibly without going into a ton of debt...or living off of assistance from the government or having to ask our parents to lend a hand. We want to be able to give our child every thing he needs and still be able to put money away for our retirement. Boring I know but I think it's responsible...I would love nothing more than another child...right now it just doesn't work with our budget.

First lets talk about the government assistance...I'm all for the government helping people who are really down on their luck...I don't mind some of my tax dollars going to help these people as they get back on their feet but I think they should be held accountable and show they are trying. I DO NOT support people decided to quit their jobs to stay at home when they can't afford it and just decide to live off of the government. I think that's very irresponsible.

Okay secondly to put her parents in that position...to be an unwed parent to 14 children that she honestly can't afford to raise without the tax dollars from the rest of us. Hello so many people got mad at the Gosslins when they had their six but as far as I can tell they can afford all 8 of those babies. But I guess after her book deal and movie deal and whatever else she probably will...but that doesn't mean its right...what about all the time it takes to raise that many children.

And most of all I think it's totally unfair to families that can not get pregnant that have been trying so hard to have just one baby of their own and nothing works! It's just not fair! I think it's completely unfair!!!

Okay...flame away at me. Just my stance...It's not fair that some people take advantage of their ability to have children when so many others never have their opportunity.


~Katie said...

I agree. I think she may have a mental issue. I feel sorry for her kids. The older ones will raise the little ones. I've seen it happen just with 6 six, let alone more than double that.

So, you should visit http://houlihans.com/.

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WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

It's kind of like "Jon and Kate Plus 8"...they just purchased a $1.3 million home...and neither of them work!!! All the money came from their tv show and book, crazy crazy.

Rachel said...

Apparently if she can afford to have the in vitro done, there's some money somewhere. But I agree - it sounds like she may have some mental problems.
And I totally agree about living off the government. I'm even so uptight about it, I wouldn't even use WIC, even though everyone told me I should sign up for it.

Rachel said...

Oh, and - apparently I do live in a hole, because I haven't heard anything about it.
I quit watching the news during the election, and I just haven't started again.

Stacey Shafer said...

Ok so I watched the "update" on the babies and the mother the other night. I was shocked to hear that 3 of her first 6 children have a disability and she is recieving government money for all 3 of them. My opinion is that that money is for medical expenses and other things those kids need for their special need! One of the 3 is autistic. No I am not a parent, but I do work with individuals with developmental disabilities. I think she was selfish, not thinking about how this would effect her first 6 children and the care they already need. I don't care that she's a single mother, I would have the same opinion is it was a single father. How can you give the proper amount of care and time to 8 infants, 1 autistic child, 2 other chilren with (learning disabilities, probably b/c she doesn't spend enough time with them now), and 3 other children?

Courtney Lynn said...

I totally agree with you!!